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Frozen fish
Fish is one of the best sources of high-quality protein. Proteins of fish contain all irreplaceable amino acids necessary for an organism. Unlike meat, the proteins of fish have a considerable quantity an irreplaceable amino acid methionine.

Fish meal
Fish meal, or fishmeal, is a commercial product made from both whole fish and the bones and offal from processed fish. It is a brown powder or cake obtained by rendering pressing the cooked whole fish or fish trimmings to remove most of the fish oil and water, and then ground. What remains is the "fishmeal".

Transportation services
Delivery of consignments is a heavy responsibility, and we with pleasure take it on ourselves irrespective of character of your consignment and complexity of cargo carriage

Our decisions of delivery of consignments are focused on decrease in your transport expenses. Carrying out cargo carriage, we aspire to adapt for a line of business of our clients that allows to execute perfectly even the challenges as much as possible.
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