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Frozen fish

Fish is one of the best sources of high-quality protein. Proteins of fish contain all irreplaceable amino acids necessary for an organism. Unlike meat, the proteins of fish have a considerable quantity an irreplaceable amino acid methionine.

Advantage of fish protein is the low maintenance of connecting fabrics which are presented, basically, the collagen easily passing in the soluble form gelatin. Thanks to it fish easily boils soft, its fabrics become friable, easily give in to influence of digestive juice that provides fuller mastering of food substances. Proteins of fish are acquired on 93-98 %, while proteins of meat - on 87-89 %. The protein maintenance in fish depends on its kind. Among fishes of our widths large fishes from group salmon (a salmon, a salmon, an iridescent trout, ), sturgeon are rich with protein. Fish and seafood possesses high food value not only thanks to protein, but also at the expense of the raised maintenance in fat grades of fish (such, as a salmon, a salmon, an iridescent trout, a mackerel, a herring, a tuna, sardines) fat acids Omega-3 and Omega-6. These polynonsaturated fat acids possessing high physiological activity, are extremely important for intercellular processes, have anti-inflammatory effect, reduce quantity lipids in blood (thereby reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases), in a certain measure promote weight reduction. All fish is rich with microcells: potassium, magnesium and especially phosphorus. It also is the important source of vitamins. Many fishes consist of vitamins A, D, E. Sea fish and seafood is rich with iodine and fluorine. For preparation of dishes is better to use fresh (not frozen) fish, in which protein maintenance highly enough, such as a pike perch, a salmon, an iridescent trout, a cod. In case it was possible to find only frozen fish, it should be defrozen preliminary.

Long time people appreciate fish perfect taste and its medical qualities.

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