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Fish meal

Fish meal is a source of the concentrated protein of a high quality and the fat acids omega-3 DHA and ERA. The fish meal protein contains the basic amino acids: methionine, cystine, lysin, threonine and tryptophan .

Fish meal is the concentrated energy source. The fish meal incorporates from 50 % to 80 % of proteins and acquired fats, fish meal indicators considerably above, than at others protein-containing products.

The fish meal structure includes a considerable quantity of minerals, such as phosphorus, in convenient for consumption by animals to the form. Also the fish meal is rich with other elements. Vitamins in it also are presented in quantities: a complex of vitamins of group B, including choline, biotin, vitamins 12, A and D.

Positive influence of a fish meal:

Broiler hens:

1. Fast growth and easy assimilation of food lead to cost reduction.
2. Increase of immune protection and the smaller losses of growth caused by diseases, including inoculations.
3. There is no necessity of application of habitual medical food additives that improves results.
4. The best development of nervous system and bone fabrics, etc.
5. Smaller losses because of the deformation of a skeleton caused by a sepsis, colds, a cellulitis and other diseases.
6. by introduction of low levels of fat acids omega-3 a long chain (DHA and EPA), the fat structure in meat is changed. This most effective in this case means. That, in the end, leads to that meat has the best structure of fat acids in the ratio omega-3:omega-6 and DHA and EPA, without meat deterioration of quality.

Oviparous hens:

1. The big productivity.
2. The best resistibility to diseases.
3. The best fruitfulness, both at hens, and at cocks.
4. Thanks to accumulation of fat acids omega-3 DHA and EPA, nutritious qualities of eggs improve.

Swine breeding:

1. Fast growth of the pigs who have only terminated parent dairy feeding.
2. Food mastering improves.
3. Smaller allergic reaction to change of food at the pigs who only have been taken away from a female, in comparison with other not dairy proteins.
4. Increase in resistibility to diseases, especially at those individuals who ate a forage without habitual for such cases, medical food additives.
5. Fruitfulness increases.
6. Adjournment DHA and EPA leads to improvement of structure of fats in meat.

Dairy breeds of cows:

1. Increase in volumes of milk received from cows - from 1 to 2 litres a day.
2. The quantity of a protein in milk usually from 0,1 to 0,2 % of units increases.
3. High levels of acids (1kg or more) can lower fat content of milk that is especially important for the people caring of health.
4. Fruitfulness, increase in probability of conceptions - usually from 10 to 15 % of units.

Meat breeds of cows:

1. Fast growth of animals.
2. Fish meal application increases level of fat acids omega-3 (DHA+EPA), accumulated in meat.
3. Improves and enriches application in food of high-quality fodder.

Sheep breeding:

1. Improves fruitfulness.
2. Fast growth of lambs.
3. Low level omega-3 fat acids (DHA and EPA) accumulated in meat.
4. The best and economical use of high-quality fodder.
5. It is possible to lower weight of the lambs having excessive weight.

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